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Goals of Treatment

Philadelphia chromosome–positive chronic myeloid leukemia (Ph+ CML)

Working with your doctor to set CML treatment goals

By working closely with your doctor, you can learn how medication may help you reach your treatment goals for Ph+ CML.


Of course, every patient is unique, and your doctor will need to discuss the goals that are within your reach. Some common treatment goals include:

  • Reducing CML symptoms you may have
  • Getting your blood cell counts back within normal ranges
  • Reducing the number of leukemic cells in your body
  • Reducing the amount of the BCR-ABL protein to a level that is undetectable


Reaching treatment milestones in Ph+ CML

Once you begin treatment for Ph+ CML, your doctor will have you go for regular blood and bone marrow tests. These tests can help your doctor see if you are responding to treatment, and if any changes are needed.


Your doctor will measure your response to treatment based on the amount of BCR-ABL in your blood. The BCR-ABL protein causes the production of leukemic cells.


In discussing your test results, your doctor may talk about a molecular response. This refers to a decrease in the amount of cells in the blood with BCR-ABL.


You can learn how TASIGNA can help reduce the number of leukemic cells in your blood. See how TASIGNA works